Your Fundraiser can make anywhere from $500 to $4000 or more depending on your enrollment with a minimum of 50 participants and one night of fun!


BrushCapades Seattle advertising and placement on the BrushCapades Seattle website.

Convenient collection of payment with online sales through BrushCapades Seattle website.

If your event does not make the minimum, the proceeds still go to your charity and the tickets purchased are transferable to another BrushCapades Seattle show or equal or lesser value.

No hassles with volunteers, cleanup or long work hours associated with most fundraising events. You just secure the sales of tickets for 3 hours of absolute fun!

BrushCapades Seattle Mobile Fundraiser - Private Party

COST: $35 per person, 50 person minimum for travel less than 2 hours away (paid to BrushCapades Seattle for supplies/instructor/travel cost/production crew). Tickets sell for $45 (best recommended selling price-point) $10 per ticket is donated to Fundraiser.

Party space needs to be furnished with tables and chairs. Estimate one 6 foot table per 6 artists. (1 foot of table space per person)

Venue must have a liquor license, if you would like alcoholic beverages served.

BrushCapades Seattle provides all of the canvas table coverings, easels, aprons, painting supplies and 1 portable artist table. Crew arrives at least 1 to 2 hours early to prep and set up the studio space.